Group Fitness

Small-group fitness and Bootcamp classes are a great, cost effective way to get great results.

In 4 weeks you can expect to:

  • Change your body fat percentage by 3-8%
  • Lose 6-18 lbs of body fat
  • Drop 1-3 sizes
  • Lose 1-4 inches (everywhere!)

In 6 months you can expect to:

  • Drop 4-6 sizes
  • Lose 12-50 lbs of body fat

Participants are so pleased with results and how great they feel they keep coming back. What we do is a science; join us and meet your new self!


Each of our small group classes is run by a personal trainer dedicated to making sure you get what you need from your workout. You might be working next to someone with different goals; you will both be working hard and achieving the results you crave in a setting that is fun, inclusive and effective! These group classes come with all the benefits of working with an expert trainer in a positive, energetic group setting at an affordable price.

WOMEN’S group classes AT eternal FITNESS CLOVERDALE

There’s something contagious about a group of women working together towards a common goal that just can’t be reproduced in a co-ed setting. While we do have co-ed classes that are fun and effective… our women’s Bootcamps get loud, they get sweaty, and class members seem unstoppable. These classes are great for women who have a hard time carving time out for themselves as participants hold each other accountable to make time for self-care.

What we do is a science. join us and meet your new self!
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