Personal Trainers

Karen Sangahra

We are so proud to have Karen on our team at Eternal Fitness. Originally a client, she started working with her trainer in 2016. Gradually she felt comfortable joining some of our group sessions and over the course of 10 months she achieved a stunning transformation losing over 55lbs, and completely altering her body’s composition.

Somewhere along the way she realised that her passion for fitness was not just for learning to take control of her own body but also for motivating and inspiring those around her to greater heights. As soon as she achieved her instruction certification she jumped head first into learning to teach and has been changing lives every day since then.

Every trainer in here has been a part of Karen’s process and we are all so proud to stand beside her as colleagues. Her classes are energetic, vibrant, and absolutely guaranteed to help you on the way towards your goals.

Bryan Chung

Bryan is a Personal Trainer and Martial Arts Instructor with a passion for people, movement and food.

He works diligently with his clients to get them to levels they had no idea they were capable of achieving…and has a great time getting them there! His own training includes a blend of strength training, explosive movement, and agility-based challenges. As a result he is one of the most unique athletes you will find in Surrey. He possesses uncommon abilities in raw power and strength with impressive fine-motor control. He is also relentless in the pursuit of the goals his clients aim for. If you have far-reaching goals this is trainer you need on your team.

Jennifer R

Jennifer is a fitness enthusiast who lives and breathes a fit lifestyle. Being a wife and a mother to her three children, she understands how challenging it can be to create balance around health and wellness. It is her mission to show that fitness is achievable regardless of your starting point. Jennifer is passionate about helping, motivating, and celebrating in the victories of others. With over 20 years of personal fitness history, including competing in 3 bodybuilding shows as a natural bikini athlete, Jennifer’s experience and knowledge is extensive! 

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!”



Hunter Leclaire

Hunter is a long-time student of the martial arts. He recently decided to take his understanding of human movement and anatomy to the next level with his personal training certification while also working towards his certificaiton as a Yoga Instructor. He has taught martial arts for three years and owns his own graphics design company. His ability to absorb information allows him to adapt programs to suit the needs of every client he works with. His own fitness interests are wide ranging and as a result he has experience in traditional lifting styles as well as the more functionally oriented modalities better suited to martial arts athlete. He is an energetic and understanding presence on the gym floor and are happy to have him on our team.


Jessica De los santos

Jessica is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who is passionate about working with people and committed to helping her clients realize their potential and acheive their fitness goals in a fun and safe environment.
She has over 10 years experience working in fitness and wellness specializing in health coaching, strength, balance, flexibility and posture. She understands that fitness means something different to everyone and is instrumental in disease prevention, stress reduction and mental wellness. Whether your goals are health, easthetics, strength, athletics - she's got a program to get you there.

What we do is a science. join us and meet your new self!
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